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Welcome to the Troy Tactical Defense Website!

Whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or are a private citizen, we are here to assist you in the very best in quality, firearms training.

FTA is comprised of qualified instructors from a variety of backgrounds including law enforcement, military, government agencies, competition, and private training facilities. Our instructors` training and experience give them a strong understanding on how to properly educate students on fundamentals and advanced techniques alike.

Our courses are conducted in a friendly, relaxed environment that emphasizes safety and mastery of weapons systems for all experience levels. No matter what your level of expertise, we have a class that can teach you something new. We encourage all students, from beginners to the more advanced, to challenge themselves by learning and reinforcing proper techniques in order to take their skills to the next level.

We look forward to seeing you on the range!


At Troy Tactical Defense, our mission is to provide the general public, with a special emphasis for new handgun and rifle owners, the knowledge requirements of ownership, safe storage, and use of a firearm both as a tool for home defense or for concealed carry.  However, unlike most training regimens, knowledge is simply the beginning.

In addition, we prepare our clients with the concept of situational awareness, the psychological and physiological effects the body and mind will experience when involved in a life-or-death incident, and the legal obligations and implications needed when owning a firearm in the great State of Michigan.

We believe that deciding to own and/or carry a firearm for self-defense is more than a right allowed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; it is also an investment that must be explored carefully and with due diligence.  Like any other tool, without education and continual training, not only could that tool be used recklessly, it could potentially endanger your life and the very loved ones that you are trying to protect.

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